The Village began in 1996 as a 60 acre new urbanism community in Burns Harbor, Indiana. The focus being affordable housing ranging from $120,000 to $250,000.

The purpose of The Village was to recreate the Developer’s childhood home, in Gary, Indiana. This area’s pre-1950’s architectural design directly promoted a higher quality of life, and a strengthened of the family unit.

Without zoning ordinances to promote such developments, The Village was passed as a subdivision with 21 variances.

The development, similar to Gary, hosts a wide variety of homes in the 217 lots.

Further, the variation of price points allows for a plethora of home variety. Homes also offer universal design, for handicapped individuals; and green certification for lot design, indoor environmental quality, homeowner education, and resource, energy, water efficiency.

The Village also boasts a total of 9 parks throughout the development. These range from flower gardens, prairie, playground, open green space, and a pond. All of these areas are placed in pedestrian friendly areas, and each home is within a 5-minute-walk of a park.

The Village goes beyond just housing, by allowing commerce capabilities as well. Within the development lie areas of mixed use, where commercial businesses can provide amenities to the neighborhood.

The neighborhood also provides for live/work environments through zoning and home design. For example, a family currently operates a medical business out of a granny flat, and employees three of their neighbors.

Finally, The Village is a“Green Development” certified for environmental sustainability.  Through high density, sustainable practices, use of mass transit, and conservation of natural resources; the project sets the bar for smart growth.